Teaser: Does The 2 Week Diet by Brian Flatt Work?

Q: Can I lose weight in 2 weeks with The 2-Week Diet?

Examining Brian Flatt’s Weight Loss Diet Unapologetically

Welcome to the upcoming first installment in Fit, Healthy & Happy’s product reviews section.

There’s probably no field of interest that has more misinformation and fallacies than the health & fitness niche – the facts behind a lot of “weight loss” programs and diet plans are often obscured by clever marketing because of the sole motivation of raking in huge cash.

In the reviews section of Fit, Healthy & Happy, we’ll be examining health products and techniques – from supplements to special kitchenwares and information products – and our unadulterated, unbiased views will be based on our 100% real personal experiences with these products… and how they actually affect our health.

As a father-and-son duo, we understand the importance of treating humans like humans. Our specialty is being as transparent and brutally honest as possible when we express our opinions on anything.

Debunking the Hype Behind “The Fastest Way to Lose Weight”

Coming soon: one of the most reliable 2 Week Diet reviews

The first product we’ll be covering is Brian Flatt’s The 2-Week Diet, which is a particularly popular (and controversial) program. It’s well-known for the selling point of relying upon “the same scientifically-proven methods used by champion bodybuilders, celebrities, and fitness gurus” to burn as much as 6 lbs of unwanted fat in as little as… well… 2 weeks!

I happen to be a good “test subject” for The 2-Week Diet. It’s perfect, in fact, for my current health situation. Having been violently rear-ended twice in a row in a car accident over 2 ½ years ago, I’ve gained some weight, and have been mostly trying to maintain an exercise routine to drop it, which has proven to be challenging. I’ve decided to add The 2-Week Diet to my diet routine to see if the claimed benefits actually help me progress in my health journey.

The problem for a lot of people is that it can be hard to trust programs like this because of the sheer nature of the reviews that crop up online. A quick Google search for The 2 Week Diet will reveal an onslaught of hypey positive reviews. Chances are that a lot of these reviews are fake – it’s pretty easy to see that they are nothing so much as poorly-disguised high-pressure sales pitches by some affiliates of Brian Flatt who are looking to get rich quick by enticing searchers to go through a boatload of sales copy and click on their link.

Flatt, in fact, has used the affiliate marketing model to drive much of the sales volume of The 2-Week Diet – it’s been one of the all-time top sellers on the ClickBank affiliate network for quite a while now… and with us having a side background as affiliate marketers, that’s exactly how we came across the program. (That’s not to say health isn’t our specialty – we otherwise wouldn’t be here talking about brutal honesty and transparency, would we?)

People buy products based on real reviews they can trust, which oftentimes are based on someone’s personal experiences about a product. For this reason, all of our reviews are about products which we’ve actually tested and used, which gives you stories that can be stood behind.

Is the 2-Week Diet the best way to lose weight?

So the question remains: is the 2 Week Diet the best way to lose weight? Come back in a week or so to see our answer, backed by a factual and unadulterated personal experience.


Arkadi & Alexander V.

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