How I met health and weight loss goals I never even knew I had

Over the years since my motor vehicle accident, I’ve been experimenting with various treatments. I’ve now arrived at a dieting and exercise routine that I can count on and stick with.

My local township’s fitness and recreation centre has a pool which is half Olympic-size: 25 metres long. 1 year ago, I began going for daily swimming sessions with my son right after his high school graduation. Over time, we’ve been going on average 3 times a week for an hour.

On my first day there, my muscles could barely survive. With my physical abilities at the time, I could only swim as little as a measly 400 metres in an hour. I was on high blood pressure and cholesterol meds.

A lot has happened for the better since that first day. I’ve used the 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 week weight loss diets….. and yesterday, I swam 1600 metres in 1 HOUR. 4 times as much as I was able to do 1 year ago when I started swimming at the local pool.

That 1 hour didn’t feel like enough. I could go for much longer – like non-stop! And the only thing stopping me? The pool’s closing time didn’t allow for it.

Hey – I ain’t no Michael Phelps, but I’d love to be, and this is an awesome head start!

It helps to think like Michael Phelps

Guess what: I wasn’t even in the pool for 3 weeks before this. Besides being on a business trip, we were skimping on our swimming routine. And yet – LOOK AT THE RESULTS IN ONE DAY!

I attribute this all to being on the diet, and taking Sytrinol. As a matter of fact, my last blood test results came about 2 weeks ago while we were on the business trip, and I’m within the range. Yet, I haven’t been taking statins for probably 5-6 weeks. I first started with them over a year ago.

How Did I Benefit This Much from a Healthy Diet Plan?

Now, I bet you’re wondering about how I improved this much. The great news for you is I’ve got plenty of content about the diets I’ve used effectively. You’ll certainly find my ketogenic diet guide insightful and deep. Coming soon, also, is something particularly exciting… my review of Brian Flatt’s 2-Week Diet and the science behind it.

Thanks for reading!

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